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ZIP for Unix: Features and Pricing


  • Compresses data files so that they take up less space.
  • Creates and reads files fully compatible with PKWARE, Inc.’s PKZIP and PKUNZIP programs.
  • Supports AES encryption with up to 256 bit keys, compatible with WinZIP, etc. Greatly improved security over the traditional password option.
  • Converts end of line delimiters in data from PC to UNIX formats, and vice versa.
  • Saves disk space on your UNIX system.
  • Creates self-extracting PC executables on Unix!
  • Consolidates multiple files to make file group identification, copying, and transporting easier. Pack an entire directory in one file for transport! This simplifies the exchange of data between UNIX systems and a variety of other systems, as you can then use ftp/sftp/scp to copy the files in one operation.

Additional Features

  • Retains full file names for UNIX to UNIX transfer or for file archiving. Can store long names and you can control the file name mapping.
  • Stores and restores all UNIX file system attributes, such as date/time modified/created/ accessed, permissions, ownership.

Data Compression
ZIP for UNIX compresses data files using the popular LZW algorithm. It allows you to compress your files so that they are 30-70% smaller than the originals; the actual amount of compression depends on the characteristics of the data in the file. Storing files in compressed format allows you to conserve on disk space. ZIP will also read and decompress files using a variety of methods: Shrinking, Imploding, Reducing, Deflating, and Storing. This allows you to access files created by all other ZIP and UNZIP programs.

ZIP for UNIX can create and read ZIP format files which are fully compatible with those created by other ZIP and UNZIP programs. With the AES encryption, your data can be securely stored and transferred to compatible programs on PC's, mainframes, etc. By creating ZIP files on the UNIX system and using a communications program to transfer the files to other workstations or hosts, ZIP for UNIX can be used as a means to distribute information among dissimilar systems. ZIP for UNIX can read ZIP files created by other systems as well as create files to be read on other computers. For UNIX archival storage or UNIX to UNIX transfer, all file system attributes and permissions are supported.

Self-Extracting ZIP Files
ZIP for Unix can be used to create a PC compatible self-extracting executable on Unix. You can thus create a file that you can send to someone with a PC and they can extract it just by running it, without even needing PKUNZIP. This can even be used to recreate a directory with multiple files.

Large File Support
On most Unix platforms, ZIP for Unix supports large file systems and creates and works with ZIP files larger than 2GB.

Single system price: $200
Optional maintenance after first year: $40 per year

(International customers please add $100 per order if media and manual need to be shipped)

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