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Other Products

Computronics has many other products, including the most complete line of software ever available for users of Prime 50 series systems. We continue to support all of our Prime customers and enhance these products periodically.

Primos corrections

  • Problems with PRIMOS and the Year 2000? You can get Y2K compliance for PRIMOS and the system utilities in under an hour with no hardware changes.
  • PRIMOS issues with February 29?

PRIME/Unix or NT Coexistence and Conversion Tools:

  • CPL To Shell Convertor -- Convert CPL programs directly to Unix shell scripts
  • LPR -- Allow Prime systems to print directly to any LPD compatible system. Thus you can print to Unix/Linux based printers, Novell, NT, VMS, and more
  • LPD -- Print from LPD compatible systems directly to printers on the Prime
  • SoftWire -- Print from PRIMOS to PC-LAN's using only standard asynchronous lines

ZIP Compatibility:

  • ZIP -- Fully PKZIP compatible ZIP and UNZIP for PRIMOS. Also works with Computronics Zip for Unix to fully utilize ZIP files to move directories to and from PRIMOS and either DOS or Unix /Linux

Other PRIMOS based software products:

  • PEEK® -- See what your users are doing, type on their behalf. Use for user support, training, demos
  • Laserjet Printer Driver -- Full featured support for many printers with Prime's spooler, including very easy to use support for Laserjets. Includes special interface to Prime Information. Other drivers besides Laserjet, support user definable printer types
  • Log-Time -- Audit trail of system resource usage, dial-in password access, interuser mail, terminal type database, and more
  • Login Security Trail -- Detailed log of any attempts to break into the system, disable users after failed login attempts
  • Network -- Intersystem communications over asynchronous lines
  • AMLC Status -- Check asynchronous line settings
  • Password Expiration -- Control how often users change passwords, control password types, prevent password reuse, auto-generate passwords, synchronize passwords on multiple systems
  • PrintMaster -- Complete spooler replacement with extensive customizable features, many not in standard spoolers
  • Remote Print Handler -- Support spooling to remote located printers; autodial into these remote printers, as needed
  • Status Line Message -- Send messages to users in a controlled way, use status line, avoid screen corruption
  • Usage Accounting -- Detailed audit trail of commands users use, resource usage by activity, not just session
  • SNA Drivers -- Support non-Prime terminals when used in conjunction with Prime's SNA
  • DPTX Drivers -- Support non-Prime terminals when used in conjunction with Prime's DPTX (Bisync-3270 communications)
  • FORMS Drivers -- Use non-Prime terminals with Prime's FORMS software. VT100 support available as well as other non-block mode terminals. Support any terminal type or PC emulator with FORMS

Contact Computronics for details or a free trial of any of these products.