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PEEK® Features and Pricing

See your users' error messages, their screens, and their input! With PEEK® for UNIX, all data in the current buffers is displayed on your screen. This shows you past history, allowing you to diagnose and solve user problems often after they have disappeared from the screen. Use the Poke Mode to become another user session. Gracefully log out unattended sessions. Input any keystroke on another session, including an <interrupt>.

Productivity - Use PEEK to control multiple sessions at the same time and run programs on each of them. Switch back and forth between these sessions! Authorized users can PEEK and Poke on any user session that is already logged in.

Console Access - Type system console commands from any authorized user.

Training - Each student's session PEEKs on the instructor’s screen and sees exactly what the instructor sees.

Script Access - Set up shell scripts to poke commands on a user's window or to execute console commands. Work with a user's screen in your scripts.

Emulation Friendly - Handle varying terminal emulation types; PEEK can translate between a variety of terminal emulation protocols. Special modes for users of Colleage's UI.

Control Use - Restrict PEEK access by user ID or group, based on the monitored user's ID.

Auditors - Invoke PEEK as a background process to get an audit trail log of a user's activities.You can log the screens or the keystrokes only. Notify the monitored user of PEEK if desired.

PEEK for UNIX supports local or dial in PC's or terminals, ssh/telnet/rlogin users, character-based X-Windows users (xterm, etc.) -- any logged-in user typing in a text window.

Pricing for PEEK for UNIX is based on the number of PEEKable users on a single system. The number of PEEKable users you should purchase is the total number of concurrently logged in users you wish to set up as PEEKable. Pricing for PEEK for UNIX includes a full one year warranty, with new releases and technical support. Should you decide to increase the number of PEEKable users at a later date, you would pay the difference between the then current list price for the tier level at which you purchased and the then current price of the new tier level for the number of users you wish to monitor.

Number of PEEKable Users License Price
1 to 16 Users $200
17 to 32 Users $500
33 to 64 Users $1,000
65 to 128 Users $1,500
UNLIMITED Users $2,000

Special Workstation Pricing:
Minimum order is one 16 user license for $200. Thereafter, 1-5 PEEKable user licenses are available at $40 per computer system.

There is an annual optional maintenance fee that is due one year after your purchase that is based on 20 percent of the license purchase price; maintenance is included for the first year.

International customers incur an additional $100 per order charge if a hard copy of the manual and software needs to be shipped.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have as well as send you more detailed information on PEEK, the system administrator's and programmer's best friend. No kernel changes are ever needed, not even a reboot! PEEK for UNIX is available for the IBM AIX Operating System, HP-UX (including Itanium), SUN Solaris, Linux (many versions), BSD Unix, SCO, Unixware, Tru64 Unix (Alpha), Silicon Graphics IRIX, many others; call for your system.

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