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Logmon for UNIX: Features and Pricing

  • Do your users forget to log out? It's hard to do a backup if users are logged in.
  • What about security? If you leave your session logged in, anyone can access your system when you are not there. Auditors expect session timeout to protect your data.
  • Do you need a product that:
    • Keeps people from tying up computer resources
    • Controls inactivity
    • Gracefully logs people out if their session is idle for a specified period (Graceful even for users of Oracle, Universe, Unidata, Infomix, or other database packages.)
You need LOGMON! Keep your computer system under control with this software package.

LOGMON gives you the power to determine the logout idle times for individual users and warn them of possible logout by sending a message to the user. Unlike other approaches, LOGMON does not simply look at keyboard activity. Rather, it monitors CPU usage. Thus, Logmon won't log off a user who is running a long job with no keyboard interaction.


  • You can control what happens when a user is to be logged out. A script can be executed that invokes Oracle, Universe, Informix, Unidata, etc., to gracefully cause a user to exit their applications. LOGMON does not just “kill” the process; it does what you tell it to do. You can have various stages of a logout, so that increasingly strong methods can be used to log off a more stubborn process.
  • LOGMON monitors cpu usage for each user and their child processes. It can also check for tty activity, if this extra check is desired.
  • Real-time updated screen shows your users and how long they have been idle. You can manually trigger logout for a user or send them a message.
  • Allowed idle time can vary by user, time of day, tty, etc.
  • Warning time prior to logout can be set in minutes.
  • Verification of inactivity prior to actual logout is performed.
Number of System Users License Price
Up to 20 users $300
21-100 users $600
101-200 users $900
UNLIMITED users on a single system $1200
International customers incur an additional $100 per order charge if a hard copy of the manual and software needs to be shipped. Discounts for multiple systems are available.

There is an annual optional maintenance fee that is due one year after your purchase that is based on 20 percent of the license purchase price; maintenance is included for the first year.

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